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Navco Bin Hopper Vibrators

Navco Bin Hopper Vibrators Construction

The model BH vibrator incorporates a nominal piston and bore. During operation, compresssed air is alternately directed from one end of the piston to the other through a series of internal ports. The piston is the only moving part, which makes a pneumatic piston vibrator a reliable, low maintenance device. The vibrator housing is a one-piece, ductile iron casting. This adds to the durability and reliability of NAVCOŽ Pneumatic Piston Vibrators. The action of the piston in a pneumatic piston vibrator generates high amplitude vibration with unidirectional, or linear, force vectors.


High amplitude characteristics enable the vibrating energy to be transmitted in the capacity required to overcome the strength of the bulk material involved in a bridge (arch) or a rathole (pipe). Other advantages of high amplitude, linear vibrators include low utility consumption and minimum bin wall stress.

Linear vibration offers the following advantages:
  • The energy generated by the vibrator can be directed normal, or perpendicular to the flow of the bulk material to address a specific material flow problem. The vibrator energy is used very efficiently to reduce the sliding friction angle of the hopper and to overcome the the strength of the bulk material in the hopper. These two factors are key to promoting the flow of bulk solid materials.
  • Vibrators that generate linear vibration do not develop high shearing forces at the bin wall. This allows a simple, more direct approach to mounting the vibrators.
  • Linear vibration is ideal for driving vibratory feeders and compaction tables.

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