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C & W Accessories™

C and W Accessories 1 C & W ACCESSORIES

  • Stationary Shroud: Back-in (CW-078)
  • Stationary Boost-A-Load Shroud: Drive-up or Back-in (CW-060)
  • Double Boost-A-Load Shroud: Drive-up or Back-in from front or back (CW-114)
  • Side Adjustable Boost-A-Load Shroud: Drive-up or Back-in from front (CW-115)
  • Vis-A-Load Shroud: Drive-through, one-directional (CW-068)
  • Expanded Vis-A-Load Shroud: Drive-through, one-directional (CW-116)
  • Double Expanded Vis-A-Load Shroud: Drive-through, two-directional (CW-160)
  • OKEL Stationary Drive-up Shroud: Drive-up, front discharge only (CW-161)
  • OKEL Vis-a-Load Shroud: Drive-through, one directional, front discharge (CW-162)
  • OKEL Double Vis-a-Load Shroud : Drive-through, two directional, front discharge (CW-164)
C and W Accessories 2 Frames, Snorkels, Etc.
  • 5' Side View (CW-166)
  • 6' Side View (CW-167)
  • Small Lift Frame (CW-023)
  • Large Lift Frame (CW-090)
  • Extra Large Lift Frame (CW-163)
  • REX Snorkel (CW-037)
  • ERIE Snorkel (CW-168)
  • Diverter Door Spring Kit (CW-169)
C and W Accessories 3 Blast Gates
  • 14" Double Blast Gate Assembly (CW-157)
  • 14" Single Blast Gate Assembly (CW-156)
C and W Accessories 4 Recycle Systems
  • Manual Material Recycle System (CW-050)
  • Automatic Material Recycle System (CW-042)
  • 3" Return Line (CW-138)
  • Diamond Auto Recycle System (CW-141)
  • 2" Return Line Hose (CW-151)
  • 2" Return Line Pipe (CW-175)
  • Automatic Material Recycle with Rotary Vane Feeder (CW-011)
  • Semi-Automatic Return System with Rotary Vane Feeder (CW-025)
Other Accessories
  • Silo Relief Valve (CW-022)
  • Screw Conveyor
  • On Demand Cleaning
  • Drive-Through Support Structure (CW-170)
  • Con-E-Co Mounting Bridge (CW-016)
  • Con-E-Co Lower Frame Assembly (CW-171)
  • Erie Strayer Work Deck (CW-172)
  • Erie Strayer Transfer Deck w/ Ladder only (CW-173)
  • Multi-Port Inlet Manifold (CW-057)
  • Portable Power Cable (CW-174)
  • Sun Ray Water Separator (FT-004)

Anti-Overfill System

Auto Recycle System

Slump Inspection Platform

Vis-a-Load Shroud

Stationary Back-In Shroud

High Pressure Sensors

Lift Frame

Blast Gate Assembly


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