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Rhino Hyde Drum Mixer Liners

Rhino Hyde Drum Mixer Liners Polyurethane liners for all abrasion, wear and sticking problems that occur in the concrete industry. Rhino Hyde outperforms steel and rubber, providing a longer wear life and lower maintenance.

Rhino Hyde liners are made to size and easy to install. The advanced plug weld system is recommended, but other installation methods, such as stud welding, bolting and nail shot fastening systems can be used.

Rhino Hyde is also ideal as a lining material for turnspouts, chutes, bins, dump cones and hoppers. With provided dimensions, liners can be made to size. 4' x 10' and 5' x 10' urethane sheets are also available.

  • Outstanding wear and cut/tear resistance
  • Several urethane formulas designed specifically for concrete applications
  • Resists sticking and build-up problems inherent with rubber and steel liners
  • Easier clean-up - less than one minute wash time
  • Lighter weight than steel
  • Advanced knock-in weld installation system
  • Made to OEM specifications . or custom designed
  • Best performance guarantee in the industry
Liners to fit:
  • Erie Strayer Nelo Ross C.S. Johnson
  • ABC Inventure T.L. Smith Zinda
  • Greystone Sermec Rexworks Others
Typical Concrete Batch Plant
  1. Belt wipers, beaded & plain
  2. Bin liners
  3. Turn head liner
  4. Mixer liners, blade faces and tips
  5. Dump cone liners
  6. Hopper level sensors
  7. Charge cone seals

Abrasion doesn.t have to be a problem. Rhino Hyde polyurethane liners can protect your equipment from abrasion caused by sliding product, direct impact or impingement. Wet environment? Dry? A combination? With Rhino Hyde, you can be sure that getting the proper formulation for your application.

Standard Rhino Hyde - for cut/tear resistance, general applications
High Energy - for impingement applications, with excellent hydrolytic properties
Super Hyde - for heavy duty sliding applications
Hydro Hyde - for wet applications
High Temperature - for applications up to 250F (121C)

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