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WAM Dust Collector Components

WAM Dust Collector Components
  • Emergency Valve for Dust Collectors
    For dust collectors and vents without fan. The spring-charged valve is fitted to the inspection hatch of the dust collector.

  • Filter Media Cleaning System Components for Reverse Air Jet Dust Collectors
    - Air Ducts with Gauged Slots
    Thanks to the special shape of the duct in the outflow zone inside the cross section, which has a slightly raised edge, compressed air prefers to maintain a straight movement. Constant pressurization of the duct with little flow resistance compared with the potential energy content at the outlet of the solenoid valve is achieved.
    - Air Diverters
    Polygonal and round type dust collectors by WAMŪ are equipped with special air diverting components. Made from engineering polymer SINTŪER or SINTŪAL, the special shape of the air diverter guarantees minimum pressure loss, thus providing an unaltered energy charge of the cleaning agent.
    - L.E.V. SystemŪ (Low Energy Valve) Solenoid Valve
    System considerably reduces consumption of compressed air during pulse jet cleaning of filtering media.
    - L.E.V. SystemŪ (Low Energy Valve) Full Immersion Solenoid Valve
    Integrated system for reduction of compressed air consumption during pulse jet cleaning of filtering media.
    - Air reservoirs for L.E.V. SystemŪ
    Extruded and bolted air reservoirs optimize the working efficiency of the L.E.V. SystemŪ. These reservoirs are suitable for polygonal and round dust collectrors.

  • Filter Media for Dust Collectors
    WAMŪ have developed a complete range of Filter Media for Dust Collectors made of fabric or non-woven spun-bonded standard or antistatic materials cast in the Company's unique engineering SINTŪ polymers. System and equipment manufacturers can choose among
    - Round Bags
    - Elliptical Bags
    - Pocket-type media
    - Cartridges
    - POLYPLEATŪ elements

  • Pressure Switches for Reverse Air Jet Dust Collectors
    Pneumatic Pressure Switch DELTA PI PNEU
    The perfect device for controlling flow resistance due to clogging of the filter media.
    - Electronic Pressure Switches MDPE
    MDPEA1 controls and indicates differential pressure by a series of LEDs.
    MDPEA2 controls and displays differential pressure reading on a digital display.

  • Sequencers for Reverse Air Jet Dust Collectors
    - Pneumatic Sequencer GENACTUA (patent pending)
    Rotating pulse jet generator and actuator controls pneumatic blowing valves during cleaning of filter media through regulation of pause and working time.
    - Electronic Sequencer
    Controls preset pulse jet intervals of pneumatic blowing valves during cleaning of filter media at preset interval, as well as air jet duration.

  • Suction Fans for Dust Collectors
    This new range of low sound impact Suction Fans, thanks to its special geometric design features, guarantees high fluidynamic efficiency and minimum noise level.Whereas the particular shape of the impeller results in greater efficiency, the design of the fan housing offers a remarkable reduction of vibration and noise.
    These Suction Fans have been developed for installation on polygonal and round dust collectors. Four sizes with seven different horse power ratings are available.

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