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Rhino Hyde Pan Mixer Liners

Rhino Hyde Pan Mixer Liners Concrete is an extremely abrasive material that will wear right through your pan mixer. Rhino Hyde has created a custom lining system for pan mixers that includes urethane paddles. The action of the urethane paddles moving across the Rhino Hyde urethane pan mixer liner creates a squeegee effect that literally wipes the concrete away.

The paddles come in several different styles that have been adapted to work in the pan mixers made by major manufacturers, such as Skako, Teka and Harrup. Custom designed liners and paddles to fit other manufacturers are also available.

Rhino Hyde pan mixer liners and paddles will thoroughly protect your mixer for one million cubic yards of production. Field testing has shown that not only does this liner and paddle system protect better than other liners (including AR steel), but it also protects your moisture sensors so you won't have to go back and adjust their height after the liner has been installed.

The Rhino Hyde Pan Mixer Liner and Paddle system lowers your costs through:
Less damage to water sensors
Less maintenance
Less downtime
Decreased labor costs

Pan mixer liners are manufactured to fit:
Custom liners for other brands are also available.

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