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C & W Reverse Air (RA)
Central Collectors

CandW Reverse Air C&W's RA collectors have multiple compartments that are configured very similar to the old style shaker units. Dirty air enters the bottom of the filter bags and dust is collected on the inside of the fabric. The compartments are cleaned in a sequence, set by adjustable timers.

The Reverse Air design uses low-pressure air to collapse the bags. The bags clean as they are collapsed and re-inflated a number of times. The collected material then falls to the hopper below. This type of collector is more expensive than the shaker design, but the advantage of multiple compartments allows for higher dust concentrations and continuous use. As a compartment is cleaning the bags, the remaining compartments filter the air.

The Reverse Air works well for material that is easily removed from filter media. The Reverse Air requires electricity and minimal compressed air

  • 5' Tall Easy-Entry Doors
  • Snap-in Bags with Double Cuff
  • Automatic Bag Cleaning
  • IEC Electrical Control Panel with Quick Disconnect
  • Ladders, Platforms, and Handrails
  • Magnehelic Gauge
  • 10 Gauge Corrugated Steel Construction
  • Pyramidal Hopper
  • Hopper Vibrator
  • Low Compressed Air Requirements

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