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Rhino Hyde Sand Screens

Rhino Hyde Sand Screens MODULAR SCREENS

The Rhino Hyde Products division of Tandem Products is a leading manufacturer of mining industry polyurethane products with over 30 years of molding experience. RhinoDeck and RhinoScreen modular panels have been developed utilizing this knowledge.

Rhino Hyde Sand Screens MODULAR PANELS
RhinoDeck and RhinoScreen modular panels are adaptable to most existing modular screening systems. Pre-drilled stringer conservation kits are available to convert a crowned deck into a cost-effective, even-screening flat deck.

The 1' x 1' RhinoDeck and the 1' x 2', 1' x 3' and 1' x 4' RhinoScreen modular systems are available in a wide range of square and slotted openings. These modular systems are adaptable to most existing modular screening decks by using an intermediate "receiver" strip that attaches to the sub-deck.

Rhino Hyde urethane can be custom formulated for each specific end use.
Modular systems offer a nice blend of open area and wearability.
Excellent wear resistance in either wet or dry applications.
Increased productivity due to reduced blinding and extended wear life.
Adaptable to most sub-deck systems.
Available in grooved edge design or pin fastening system.
Custom sizes and designs are available.
All panels are reinforced with a high strength steel structural support.
Square openings range from 3/32" to 2".
Cross dams are available to increase production efficiency.
Some panels are available in 300mm width.
Available in dual durometer soft top for anti-blinding and harder bottom for structural integrity.

Rhino Hyde Sand Screens TENSION SCREENS

The RhinoGrid™ is a new concept in screening media that is the result of combining the positive aspects of traditional wire screen cloth and the long wear characteristics of urethane.

The " steel rod support grid replaces the cable used on standard tension screens. This results in a rigid, structurally superior screen deck.

No additional attachment accessories are required on decks under 5' in width. For example, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, etc.

The RhinoGrid™ requires no special fabrication considerations for individual screen crown bar locations allowing for greater open area and higher production efficiency.

Because of the rigid structural integrity of the steel rod frame, the RhinoGrid. displays the squareness and stability of a modular panel. Screens that run end to end require no overlapping modifications or RTV Silicone.

The urethane construction offers excellent wear resistance. This, combined with the durable RhinoGrid. technology, leads to greater production efficiencies.

A look at the underlying support structure of the RhinoGrid. Tapered apertures help eliminate near size blinding

Unlike standard tension mats, the RhinoGrid extends all the way to the hooks, thereby increasing the open area.

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