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Rhino Hyde Weldable Liners

Rhino Hyde Weldable Liners This Rhino Hyde weldable liner has steel "weld-plates" embedded in the urethane, strategically* placed throughout the sheet. Rhino Hyde plugs and adhesive are provided to cap the weld hole. Knock in weld plugs are also available upon request.

Rhino Hyde weldable liners are recommended for areas where bolting and/or gluing is difficult, impractical or impossible. Ideally designed as hopper liners and spout liners, the Rhino Hyde weldable sheets are easy to install - no holes to drill. When ordered in modular shapes, no cutting or additional fabrication is necessary.

Range A up to 58"W x 300"L
Range B up to 72"W x 142"L
Thickness availability: 1/2" 3/4" 1" 2"

Any width and length in Range A or Range B is available**. All widths and lengths are standard.
Various formulations and durometers are available upon request.
Modular shapes are recommended for easy installation.
Weldable Rhino Hyde liners are installed by using MIG, TIG or stick welding.

* Weld plates are generally on 6" - 8" centers.
** There may be size limitations due to weight and shipping restrictions.

A size for every need
Rhino Hyde Weldable Liners are available in a wide range of widths, lengths and thicknesses. Custom sizes and designs are also available.

Mixer Liners:
For horizontal or tilt mixers, pieces can be custom molded to OEM specifications or to your own. Pieces install easily, and the welding ensures that the liner will stay in place.

Pan Mixer Liners:
For several different manufacturers. Modular system makes the installation a snap.

Chute & Spout Liners:
No need to cut and trim pieces from sheets... based on your measurements, we can custom design a lining system for you.

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